There’s no shortage of aging infrastructure in the world.

For property owners, this creates liability concerns and financial headaches that go along with addressing it. When you’re dealing with concrete structures, the material is incredibly durable, but it still has a lifespan. What fewer people know is there are concrete ways to extend its useful life and to restore these structures. This approach is often more economical than building new, and it is certainly more environmentally sustainable.

While not everyone chooses this approach for its environmental footprint, VCS has found that the more people we educate about concrete preservation, the more people get excited about it.

We love sharing our investigation, assessment or evaluation approach and our proprietary technology to understand a structure’s level of corrosion and to provide the best recommendations for moving forward — with or without us. We do this because we believe in what we do — saving structures to protect these assets for owners and the populations they serve and to spare the environment. We offer an end-to-end approach
from our evaluation to complete restoration recommendations, and we use the best technology and the most detailed reports to provide you with a solution that suits your project best — not one that sells you on unnecessary products.

We’ve gained ground in getting our name out there through this unbiased approach and bidding on highly public bridge and marine projects as well as parking structures, buildings and water transport structures – winning work that spans North America, Europe and the Middle East.

We know we’re only as good as our last project, and our reputation helps us continue to do the work we do best, but if we want a really end-to-end service that promotes sustainability, we need to get looped in on projects sooner.

We have the technology that can help us predict the amount of deterioration a concrete structure will face and help us preserve it earlier on instead of rehabilitate it when it’s already showing its age. Until all property owners know what services we offer from the new construction phase through to the end of a structure’s useful life, we’ll keep working to educate engineers and owners on the virtues of this work. We’ll keep being curious and offering our advice freely and honestly, because we believe in personal and professional relationships that last, just like structures.

VCS – We Save Structures™

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