Dr. Brian Pailes Presents Electrochemical Treatments to Historical Structures at ICRI MN Chapter Spring Technical Session

by VCS Marketing April 22nd, 2018 in News
Dr. Brian Pailes, Ph.D, P.E., NACE CP3

Historical structures present many unique preservation challenges, especially with regards to reinforced concrete corrosion. Continual structural wear and tear eventually exposes the embedded steel to chlorides or carbonation and the passive layer in the surrounding alkaline concrete environment begins to break down. Thus the onset of corrosion and deterioration sets in.

When it comes to historical structures, simply tearing down a deteriorated element and replacing it with modern materials is not an acceptable option. However, there are effective solutions that can restore, strengthen and preserve the architectural integrity and aesthetic aspects for new generations to appreciate.

Electrochemical treatments such as chloride extraction and realkalization, lowers the corrosive chloride content and/or increases the pH level located in the surrounding concrete. The treatment repassivates the steel reinforcement and improves the durability of the reformed passive layer. This in turn resets the effects of time, stops corrosion and extends the service life of a historical structure. 

You can learn more about these electrochemical processes on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 by registering to attend the “Electrochemical Treatments to Historical Structures” seminar at the International Concrete Repair Institute. The keynote speaker at the ICR MN Chapter Spring Technical Session in St. Louis Park, Minnesota is Dr. Brian Pailes (Ph.D, P.E., NACE CP3) of Vector Corrosion Services. Dr. Pailes has extensive experience in the field of nondestructive evaluation performed on a wide variety of different structures. His 90-minute presentation will demonstrate the successes of various electrochemical treatments through recent project examples.

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Dr. Pailes received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University, M.S. at the University of Virginia, and B.S. at Northeastern University. He is a registered professional engineer and serves on a number of corrosion and non-destructive testing committees for TRB and ASNT. Currently Dr. Pailes is the Senior Project Manager for Vector Corrosion Services in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Pailes has worked on bridges throughout the United States and was a part of the Long-Term Bridge Performance Program funded by FHWA. His area of expertise includes cathodic protection, non-destructive testing, concrete deterioration, reinforced concrete corrosion, and concrete materials.