Dr. Pailes

by VCS Marketing July 5th, 2015 in News
NDT Data Presentation Methods

Dr. Brian Pailes research paper Multimodal Nondestructive Testing Damage Quantification, Presentation and Condition Rating of Bridge Decks was recently published in the Transportation Research Board's Transportation Research Record.

In his research, various NDT methods such as half cell corrosion potentials, electrical resistivity, ground penetrating radar, and impact echo were employed on 5 bridges in the US.  The multimodal NDT evaluation allows for an evaluation of the interior condition of the deck and provides a more in-depth snap shot of the bridge deck condition as compared with a visual inspection.

The field results showed that there was more damaged detected with NDT than with standard inspections.  Based on the research, it is proposed that including NDT data in bridge deck ratings will provide more useable information than a standard NBIS rating.

Multimodal NDT is an effective tool for bridge engineers to develop damage quantities, develop repair and corrosion mitigation strategies, and to improve budgeting.  For more information on nondestructive evaluation of structures, contact VCS at info@vcservices.com.

Reference:  Transportation Research Record:  Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2481, Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., 2015, pp. 26-31.  DOI:  10.3141/2481-04.