Embedded Galvanic Anodes for Concrete

by Chris Ball November 1st, 2016 in News
Distributed Galvanic Anode on Bridge

Currently, there are two general types of embedded galvanic anodes generally categorized as discrete anodes and distributed anodes.

Discrete embedded galvanic anodes are covered in ACIs Repair Application Procedure Bulletin 8 (RAP-8).  The RAP-8 bulletin classifies discrete embedded anodes as Type 1 Anodes - used to mitigate halo effect in standard concrete repairs, and Type 2 Anodes – typically used to provide targeted corrosion control to hot spots as identified by a corrosion potential survey.   RAP-8 further classified embedded anodes as Type A – alkali-activated and Type H – halide activated.

Distributed galvanic anodes are long units generally 3’- 8’ in length that are available in a weights ranging from ¼ to 2 lb. zinc per foot of anodes.  These systems can be designed to provide cathodic protection in many applications such as column jackets, abutment repair and deck overlays.

Having a thorough understanding of the benefits of uses of galvanic protection for concrete, VCS's NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Specialists are available to assist structural engineers and owners with all of their cathodic protection design, cathodic protection inspection, and system monitoring needs.