VCS Video Presentation: Evaluation Methods for Preservation of Bridge Decks

by Chris Ball May 30th, 2018 in News
National Bridge Preservation Partnership

An important step in the preservation process is to gain an understanding of the current condition of a bridge structure.  Many times, this requires a detailed inspection to determine the cause, extent and magnitude of concrete deterioration. Concrete and corrosion assessments are useful to determine what is necessary to repair the structure and if additional means are necessary to meet its forecasted service life requirements.

This presentation includes case studies to demonstrate how various methods and tools can be used to collect data to evaluate the condition of bridges. In particular, the presentation focuses on how destructive testing, such as the removal of cores for physical and chemical testing, can be augmented with nondestructive testing methods, such as ground penetrating radar, corrosion potentials, concrete resistivity and sonic/ultrasonic pulse velocity and impact echo testing. These methods detect anomalies, quantify damage, and provide an overview of the current condition of concrete bridge decks including both conventionally reinforced and epoxy coated steel.

To watch the video presentation click here:

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