VCS Wins ICRI Award for Extending the Service Life of Oil Docks at Port of Corpus Christi

by VCS Marketing March 3rd, 2022 in Articles

The Problem

Figure3.jpgThe Port of Corpus Christi, located in Corpus Christi Texas, is a major port with various berths for the loading and unloading of crude oil. Due to the marine environment, oil docks 4 and 7 have experienced deterioration due to corrosion of the steel reinforcement. Both docks previously had cathodic protection (CP) systems installed in the form of arc spray zinc (ASZ), to protect the steel from corrosion deterioration. However, this CP system was past its design life and was no longer protecting the oil docks. As a result, the port requested that a new CP system be installed in these oil docks to further extend their service life.

Oil docks 4 and 7 are supported by reinforced concrete columns and beams. Each has two levels; an upper level which is primarily used for loading/unloading of crude oil and a lower level which provides a walkway and framing for the dock. The columns and beams along both the upper and lower levels were experiencing delaminations and spalling necessitating the need for further CP.

VCS' Solution

Figure8.jpgAs part of rehabilitation efforts of oil docks 4 and 7, it was originally decided to install a new ASZ CP system to extend the service life of the docks. However, because the oil docks have a limited number of hot workdays to maintain daily operations, this type of CP system would have became quite expensive to install. As a result, value engineering performed by VCS came to a more efficient solution. VCS determined an implementation of a drilled in two-staged CP system would be more cost effective as stoppages due to limitations on hot work would have a lesser impact on the installation schedule for this product. This change in design provided $1.6 million in savings to the port and allowed for the project to be completed on schedule and on budget.

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