Comfort Inn Maingate Corrosion Repair

LOCATION: Kissimmee, FL

comfort1.jpgSTRUCTURE: Hotel Roof Slab

CLIENT: Comfort Inn Maingate

TECHNOLOGIES: Corrosion Potential Survey

PROJECT ISSUES: Identification of Reinforced Concrete Deterioration

CONTRACTOR: GC Contractor Services

Project Description:

VCS was hired to investigate a corrosion damaged concrete slab to determine extent of chloride contamination and concrete repair.

Vector Corrosion Services (VCS) performed an investigation of a hotel mechanical room in Kissimmee, FL where equipment was being replaced.  VCS was asked to identify the extent of corrosion activity in the hotel’s reinforced concrete roof structure and provide corrosion mitigation repair recommendations.  The room previously stored a water softener which contained a large amount of rock salt.

Project Issue:comfort3.jpg

The reinforced concrete slab located under the mechanical room was showing signs of severe corrosion deterioration in the form of concrete cracking and spalling.  The area previously housed a water softener and associated pumps and tanks.  The humid environment and rock salt storage for the softener contaminated the reinforced concrete slab with chlorides.  Corrosion-related damage was observed on both the top and soffit of the roof slab.  Portions of the soffit had spalled off, exposing the reinforcing on the ceiling in the hall and guest rooms below.  As a result of the soffit damage, the entire 5th floor of the hotel was closed.  The owner needed immediate corrosion repair recommendations for the mechanical room slab.

Project Solution:

VCS conducted a visual inspection, hammer sounding survey, corrosion potential survey, and collected concrete samples to identify the chloride concentration.  VCS identified the extent and severity of the damage and provided the structural engineer with the information needed to design an effective galvanic mitigation corrosion repair solution.  VCS also provided contractor training and oversight for galvanic anode installation.