Corrosion and Concrete Preservation Services

As part of your team, VCS' experts work closely with design teams and owners to define the concrete durability challenges facing your structure.  VCS will help you develop and implement strategies to meet your clients’ needs, even in the most severe environments.

Durable concrete structures with a long service life provide an economical and sustainable solution for asset owners. To achieve this goal, a specialized knowledge of corrosion and construction materials is necessary when designing durable structures and developing preservation strategies for existing facilities and infrastructure.

Concrete Preservation Project - 10th Avenue BridgeConcrete Preservation Project - Portsmouth Memorial BridgeConcrete Preservation Project - University Bridge

Structures can be affected by many factors including erosion, fatigue, cycles of freezing and thawing, and adverse chemical reactions.  One of the most common problems in reinforced concrete is the corrosion of embedded metals.  The corrosion of steel in concrete is primarily caused by exposure to chloride contained in seawater, roadway de-icing chemicals, and soils.  Chloride contamination can also occur in new construction when using chloride-containing set accelerators, contaminated aggregate, or the use of non-potable mix water.

Electrochemical methods such as cathodic protection are an important tool to enhance the durability of structures.  Cathodic protection systems provide a small electrical current to the embedded steel to prevent or control active corrosion.  There are many types of cathodic protection systems with various advantages and limitations.

With a capacity to execute both large and small projects, VCS is your partner in concrete corrosion and concrete preservation.  Our experienced staff will assess your concrete durability concerns and provide repair and protection options that fit your service life objectives and budget.